google webmaster tools

Google webmaster tools

Hello friends welcome to your world "creative world" I am share my information related to gooGoo webmaster tool must read full article I hope this article will clear your all doubts.

Are you trying to find some love… from Google? apart from shopping for paid traffic through their AdWords program, the most effective thanks to get a lot of traffic from them is thru programme optimisation. however before you begin optimizing your web site, the primary issue you ought to do is sign on for Google Webmaster Tools (GWT).
GWT may be a free toolset provided by Google that helps you initially perceive what’s occurring along with your web site. this manner you create selections primarily based off of knowledge rather than stepping into blindly.
Here is however GWT works.

Adding your web site

The first issue you wish to try and do when you login to GWT (it’s liberated to sign up) is to feature your web site.
After you add your web site you’ll have to be compelled to verify that you simply really own the web site. you'll be able to do that through four ways:

1. Add a DNS record to your domain’s configuration – you'll be able to use this selection if you'll be able to sign on to your domain registrar or hosting supplier and add a brand new DNS record.

2. Add a meta tag to your sites homepage – you'll be able to opt for this selection if you'll be able to edit your site’s HTML.

3. transfer AN HTML file to your server – you'll be able to opt for this selection if you'll be able to transfer new files to your web site.

4. Link your Google Analytics account to GWT – you'll be able to use this selection if your web site already encompasses a Google Analytics chase code that uses the asynchronous snip. you want to be AN administrator on the analytics account for this to figure.


Once your web site is verified you’ll begin seeing knowledge on your web site. generally it will take some hours before you see any knowledge, however it’ll begin rolling in.
The dashboard offers you a rough summary of everything from what keywords you're ranking for to what proportion traffic you're obtaining. additionally to it you’ll see if the Google larva is experiencing any crawl errors once inquiring your web site, the amount of websites linking to yours, and the way several pages Google has indexed.
Site Configuration
Just like everything else, Google isn’t excellent. therefore configuring your web site will facilitate them do an improved job of ranking your web site. once configuring there square measure some areas that you simply ought to be acquainted with:


Submitting a sitemap can facilitate Google confirm what pages you have got on your web site so that they will index them. If you don’t submit a sitemap they'll not index all of the pages on your web site, which suggests you won’t get the maximum amount traffic.
Sitemaps have to be compelled to be submitted in AN XML format and that they can’t contain over fifty,000 URLs or be larger than ten megs. If you exceed any of these limits, you wish to separate up your sitemap in multiple files so submit them.
If you aren’t technical, you'll be able to head to XML Sitemaps to make a sitemap. All you have got to try and do is enter in your address of your homepage and click on “start”.
Once your sitemaps are uploaded, Google can tell you the way several of your URLs square measure being indexed. Don’t worry, it's common for them to not index all of your web content. however your goal ought to still be to urge as several pages indexed as doable.
Typically if pages aren’t being indexed it’s as a result of the content on those pages aren’t distinctive, the title tags and meta descriptions square measure generic, and not enough websites square measure linking to your internal pages.

Crawler access

There will be some pages on your web site that you {just} just don’t need Google to index. this might be non-public login areas, RSS feeds, or crucial knowledge that you simply don’t need folks accessing.
By making a robots.txt file you'll be able to block not simply Google, however all search engines from accessing web content that you simply don’t need them to urge their hands on. However, for sensitive areas of your web site you'll need to think about arcanum protective all relevant directories.
Through the robots.txt generator and tester, not solely can you be ready to produce a robots.txt file, however you may be ready to see if it's done properly before you transfer it to your server. It’s knowing do as a result of the last item you wish to try and do is build a slip and tell them to not index your whole web site.
And if you mistakenly spoil and notice Google classification pages that you simply don’t need them to index, you'll be able to request them to get rid of it through this section.


Sitelinks ar links to a site’s interior pages displayed on a Google search results page. Not all sites have sitelinks, however as you grow in quality you’ll naturally get them. Google generates these links mechanically, however you'll be able to take away sitelinks you don’t need.
Through this section you'll be able to somewhat controlwhat sitelinks show up once somebody searches for your web site. the explanation you will’t absolutely management what pages show over here is that you just can solely block that pages you don’t need to look, and you can’t choose that pages you wish to look.
Change of address

If you're trying to alter the address of your web site, you higher let Google recognize instead your traffic goes to decrease.

You can tell them through four straightforward steps:

1. Setup the new website – you've got to induce the new domain up and running. check that all of your content is on the market for the general public to envision.

2. send the previous traffic – A 301 permanent send tells users and search engines that your website has for good affected.

3. Add your new website to GWT – check that you furthermore mght verify your new web site.

4. Tell GWT your new domain – within the modification of address section, you'll be able to choose the new name of your web site.

If your target market is somebody in an exceedingly specific country, then you'll be able to choose this selection in GWT. as an example if my target client lives within the us, i'd then tell GWT that my target market lives within the us.
In addition to it you'll be able to choose a most well-liked name. this can be planning to be or Either one works, you only ought to choose that variation you like. the explanation choosing|for choosing} one is that folks might link to each versions of your domain and by selecting one Google can mix the links, which can facilitate your rankings.
The last setting you ought to be upset concerning is crawl rate. If you are feeling that the Google larva has to be locomotion your web site a lot of usually and quicker then you'll be able to tell them to try and do thus. otherwise you will simply allow them to choose the crawl setting for your web site. (this {is typically|is usually|is usually} the most effective choice as a result of if they crawl your web site too often it will cause an excessive amount of larva traffic planning to your server and increase your hosting costs)
Your web site on the net
Have you ever questioned however Google appearance at your website? on balance, it’s a look engine and not a human… thus naturally it won’t be ready to verify an internet site within the same method you are doing.
But fortuitously for you, through GWT you'll be able to see however Google views your web site.

Search queries

Not solely is it necessary to travel once keywords that have high search volume, however it's necessary to create certain that you just have a decent click through rate.
By watching the search queries page, you'll be able to work on up your click through rate in order that folks ar a lot of possible to click on your listing once they search. generally you'll be able to do that by creating your title tag and meta description a lot of enticing as that's what folks scan before clicking through to your website.
Links to your web site

The best thanks to increase your rankings on Google is to induce a lot of sites to link to you. sometimes this happens naturally if your web site is providing valuable data to potential customers.
A good thanks to monitor your link growth is to repeatedly monitor this space in GWT. additionally to it, check that you monitor that pages folks ar linking to.
If your links aren’t growing quick enough take into account writing relevant linkbait that would be submitted throughout the social net. old-time the homepage of will drive thousands of recent links to your website.


You may have a decent plan of what keywords you wish to rank for, however that will not be according to what Google is ranking you for. beneath the keywords section you'll be able to see what keywords your web site is that the most associated with.
You can conjointly see what variations of every keyword that also are relevant to your web site. as an example some folks spell keywords and you'll be able to resolve that misspellings your web site is most relevant for.
And if those aren’t the keywords you care to rank for, you'll be able to then use that knowledge to regulate the content on your web site.
Internal links

Linking your websites along may be a good way to induce a lot of Google love. as an example, if you wish your concerning page to rank for your name check that you link thereto multiple times.
If you don’t link to your internal pages, they'll not get the maximum amount PageRank and that they won’t place further within the search listings.
In addition to it, this knowledge also will assist you verify that pages Google feels is that the most vital. as an example, if you verify the image on top of you’ll see that web site owner felt that their concerning pages was one amongst the foremost necessary pages on their web site. thus naturally Google felt that further.

Subscriber stats

If you've got a journal, this space of GWT are going to be helpful for you. If you don’t, it won’t.
Under the subscriber stats section you'll be able to see that of your journal posts ar the foremost signed to by Google’s feed reader. you'll be able to then take that knowledge and write a lot of posts that ar almost like your standard ones. And after all, you'll be able to stop writing journal posts almost like those that nobody signed to, as readers in all probability didn’t fancy them the maximum amount.
On a aspect note, if you wish to trace your RSS growth, you'll be able to conjointly consider Feedburner, which can enable you to trace however standard your feed is.
Websites ar created by humans, thus don’t expect them to be excellent. Your code perhaps a small amount tousled, and even worse, your web site might contain malware.
Through the medical specialty section, you'll be able to work out what’s wrong together with your website and the way you'll be able to fix it.


If you have got malware on your server, you ought to see a message here. If you don’t, GWT won’t show you a lot of.
The reason it's vital to not have malware on your server is that Google tries to not rank infected websites high as a result of if somebody goes to associate infected site, their pc could get infected. If you are doing happen to possess malware, confirm you clean it up.

Crawl errors

The crawl errors section can show you if there any issues that relate to your website on the net or on a movable. the foremost common error that you’ll see could be a 404 error, which implies Google’s larva can’t realize that page.
The most common reason that you’ll see 404 errors is as a result of alternative web sites generally link to pages that don’t exist on your website or wont to exist.
What you wish to try and do is get a listing of all of the websites that square measure linking to dead pages on your website and hit them up. once emailing them, raise them if they will amendment that link to a legitimate page.
Or if you see a great deal of individuals linking to a dead page on your website, you'll perpetually 301 send that previous universal resource locator to the new universal resource locator.

Crawl stats

If you have got thousands of pages on your website, then you ought to expect Google to crawl most of those pages on a daily or weekly basis. If they aren’t, then one thing is wrong.
Through the graphs and information tables that GWT provides, you ought to be able to get an honest sense if they're crawl enough pages on your web site. If they aren’t, take into account adjusting the crawl rate below the settings tab.

HTML suggestions

When Googlebot crawls your website, it should realize some problems together with your content. These problems won’t stop your website from showing in Google search results, however addressing them could facilitate boost your traffic.
The most common downside is expounded to title tags and meta descriptions. If each page on your website has distinctive and elaborated title tags and meta descriptions, you ought to be fine. At an equivalent time, you furthermore may got to confirm your title tags aren’t too short or too long.
And if that isn’t the case, then you'll bear the URLs that GWT tells you they need a problem with, and fix it.


GWT frequently tests new options out. the simplest thanks to conclude concerning these new options is to travel through the labs sections.
Fetch as Googlebot

With Fetch as Googlebot you'll see specifically however a page seems to Google. All you have got to try and do is kind during a universal resource locator and GWT can tell if they might eminent see it or not.
There presently isn’t plenty of knowledge that GWT is showing during this space, however I expect this to alter within the future.


If you’re a webmaster, you'll leave a special Sidewiki entry on pages of your website. you'll favor to leave a master entry for the total website, or produce page specific entries to interact your guests.

All you have got to try and do is:

1. If you’ve with success valid your account in GWT, you'll see associate choice to write because the page owner.

2. choose the “Write because the page owner” checkbox within the entry type. If you’d prefer to leave a master entry across the total website, additionally choose the “Show this page owner entry on all pages…” checkbox.

3. Click Publish.

Site performance

Your website’s load time is one among the foremost vital belongings you ought to be watching. each month you ought to be ensuring you improve this range as a result of if your web site is just too slow your Google traffic could drop.
Numerous web site house owners have seen a positive increase in their traffic by rising their web site load time.
If you aren’t positive how briskly your web site ought to load, don’t worry. Google can tell you if your web site is just too slow or fast enough.

Video sitemaps 

If you have got video on your website, you wish to form positive you embody those raw video files in your sitemap. This way, Google will index them as they will not be able to realize them otherwise.
This will facilitate make sure that your videos have gotten the traffic they be from Google video search.

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